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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 11, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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roadways. it sound like rain is pushing through but i can tell you still looking very wet and causing problems. we have seen four or five stents outside on the roadways >> don't get too confidence, even though we are not worried about icing out there, yeah, you will have puddles on the road. we will spray from the vehicles. you will be flipping the windshield wipers. aftermath tend to get us but at least it comes with a nice trade off. wait until you see where we end up here. these temperatures are major. the lets look at this we went from 20, 23 best we could get on monday, by tomorrow we will hit 60. wow, that is a nice change of pace. even, since this same time yesterday, we are anywhere from 20 to 30, to get this, even 40 plus degrees warmer, then it was this time yesterday. can you imagine? 44 degrees warmer then it was yesterday in atlantic city. yeah. you were only at 4 degrees. i remember it vividly how cold it was yesterday morning in atlantic city at the airport there. forty-three from philadelphia
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to trenton. forty in wilmington. it is dramatically milder. still cold enough for mount pocono and that vicinity that you have to worry about slick travel because of icing but may still be slick because of this batch of rain that rolled through. now that is long gone. we will have a chance to dry out. wind pick up. skies are clearing off to the west here but that is a concern, so do keep that in behind through rest of the morning. aftermath of a soaking rain that you will be contending with here. we're not necessarily over but it is a better day here. sunshine as day progresses and milder up to 50 degrees but we will eventually be tracking, more rain, later on tonight. and shower chances are going to be returning even beyond that point as we head to the weekend, wintry mix is possible. still a lot of action to discuss here, meisha. >> sound good, up to 50 today, 60 tomorrow. i love it. good morning every. happy wednesday. looking at the boulevard we are looking good here, we are seeing early risers for sure
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but really people will be getting a jump start today a, because it is hump day, busy travel day but also roadways are slick. that rain will cause, some slick conditions but wet the roadways, and, it the will effect if in rain was coming down. head up, boulevard what we are looking at in new jersey, 42 tree way northbound at creek road 295 that is what you are looking at there. looking as it typically would. then we have a couple accidents, this one in gulph mills westmontmont avenue at matsonford road and route 55 northbound before route 40 is pulled off to the shoulder. that is still lingering out there traffic light malfunction broad street at vine street. that is not only one. another one in cherry hill. route zero seven at penn avenue. lots going on, just cracking 5:00 o'clock hour now. we will talk about a reminders route one northbound, southbound oxford valley construction rog being we will talk about that in the next ten or 15 minutes. jim, over to you. authorities are trying to figure out what caused a vehicle to lose control and crash in the pole earlier this morning. the it happened 12:30 on roosevelt boulevard near sixth street in olney.
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crash brought down some wires, good news, it the reopened thousand, this word yet on any injuries. also new this morning two men are in the hospital after they were hit by gunfire trying through track forward. men drove themselves to aria frankford hospital, they tell police they were shot while trying on the 5100 block of penn street, about 1:00 this morning. one man was grazed in the head , another shot the in the hand. both are in stable condition. also new this morning a piss delivery driver is robbed at gunpoint, it happened at 2:30 on the 6100 block of irving street in the cobbs creek section of philadelphia. police say two gunman wearing hoodies stole a hundred dollars and two handguns. delivery man was in the hurt. president-elect trump plans to focus his morning's news conference on cutting ties with his businesses, but reporters may have some questions about allege russian hacking. eye witt the necessary news reporter jan carabao is live from the cbs-3 news center to tell us her bit, jan. >> reporter: this is long awaited press conference with the president-elect and comes amid new reports that russia
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gathered compromising evidence on mr. trump as part of their plan to interest tear in the 2016 election. as president-elect donald trump's first first news conference since his election he will face questions about russia's medaling, specifically new bomb shell report, that russia gathered potentially compromising information on mr. trump but chose not to disclose it touring 2016 campaign. president-elect trump and his team responded to the news tuesday night, mr. trump tweet ed, fake news. a total political witch hunt. >> nothing has been confirmed. >> we should be concerned that intelligence officials leaked the press, but won't go and tell the president-elect or president of the you had himself now, mr. obama what the information is. >> reporter: while intelligence community is still this is process of corroborating the details, multiple government and intelligence officials tell cbs the news that the information originally came from a credible former british intelligence officers and was eventually turned over to u.s.
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intelligence as well as other governmental officials. tea tails are part of the annex in the classified report president obama ordered in to russian hacking and was presented to the president and president-elect last week. >> i felt it was important now that the election was over for everybody to understand exactly what happened, in order to prevent from it happening again. >> reporter: in the run up to his inauguration mr. trump has strained relationship with the intelligence community and the press, he hasn't held a press conference since july. >> he will have more pressure because of lack of attention to the media that he has had, then otherwise would have been >> reporter: in addition to russia mr. trump is expect to address conflicts of interest and his son in law jared the kushner who has been named senior white house advisor. meantime local lawmakers are reacting to the latest trump development, brendon boy le a democrat who represent s pennsylvania's 13th advertise trick tweeted if intel report is true it would be most treacherous and criminal act in u.s. political
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history. congress house investigate immediately. u.s. intelligence is in the process of corroborating potentially compromising information that russians may have on the president-elect. mr. trump's press conference is scheduled for 11:00 this morning. that you go racial day is just nine days away. jim and rahel, back to you. two of trump's cabinet picks begin their confirmation process, senate foreign relations committee questioned secretary of the state nominee rex tillerson, senate the commercial commit thee will question nominee elaine chao, also this morning, new jersey senator corry booker will testify against attorney general nominee jeff sessions before the senate jigsry committee. booker is critical of sessions record on civil rights and criminal justice reform. donald trump's upcoming presidency is i am agoing business near trump to you inner manhattan. security keeps pedestrians away from the building and that means foot traffic is down along fifth avenue knew. new york city council said 105
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midtown businesses air affect when streets are closed. security will likely continue even more after the trump's move to the white house. first lady melania trump's son baron are expected to stay in new york. as mr. trump raiser for his inauguration, president obama is getting ready to leave the white house. last night the forty-fourth president, followed tradition delivering a farewell address. he said his faith in america has been strengthened over these last eight years. mr. obama encouraged americans in the to be cynical but become part of the political process. president gave a warning about the political climate if we don't create opportunity for all people, the disaffection, division, that has stalled our progress will only sharpen. >> after wrapping up his see much the first lady and daughter mallia joined him, and vice-president joe and doctor jill bier. president's youngest daughter sascha stayed this washington because she has an exam this morning. woman who almost became president returned to washington, to dedicate an
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exhibit that bears her name. hillary clinton spoke at opening of the museum at the state department, only her third public appearance since the november election n her remarks clinton says if america stays true to its values it can weather every storm on the horizon. >> today, the lesson of this museum are more vital, urgent then ever before. democracy, freedom and the rule of law, are under attack around the world. >> and the exhibit named for clinton includes, a glass ceiling. well, charleston shooter dylann roof, will appear in court for formal sentencing on tuesday a federal jury unanimously agreed to event is ens roof to the death, for killing nine black church members during a bible study in june of 2015. the 22-year old still faces murder charges in state court. former instructor at north penn high school is accused of having a sexual relationship to one of his students. major mark miller was a r ot c instructor when he had, police
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say sex with a student, but student was a female. she was 18. authorities say the sex was consensual, and did not happen on school property. authorities say that because of miller being a teacher at the time of the alleged incident he is charged with institutional sexual assault. well, emergency crews came to the rescue of a young horse after it fell through a frozen pond in chester county. >> close call happened yesterday morning at a farm on hallow road in malvern. emergency crew is a arrived to find the one year-old horse named ricky richard owe stuck in 5 feet of icy water. official where is able to pull the horse from the upon in an hour. owner blame the accident on the young horse just being a little bit too curious. >> he decided to explore, and go on to the pond and was okay until he got to the middle. the ice would not hold him. >> and the frozen pond was covered in snow and ricky fell and good news here at last check ricky richardo is recovering just fine. >> live that name.
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former u.s. senator is kick off of a jet blue flight and it is captured on video. >> we will tell what you happened next. plus find out where this huge collection of weapons was found. we will will tell you where it was headed and what it was difficulties diced of inside. >> avalanche closes a major highway out west. we will have an update on efforts to get traffic moving once again. >> ♪ and a little later how you can hear opening act of the bon jovi's cobbs earth. >> i think kicking sunrise, our house band should apply. >> that is a good idea, they are very talented. >> we will be right back.
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welcome back. the united arab emirates say five dep mates were killed in the kandahar region of afghanistan yesterday. twelve others were also wounded, including kandahar's governor and uae ambassador. earlier in the day 38 people were killed and dozens were injured when twin bombs exploded near governmental
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offices in the afghan capitol of kabul. taliban has claimed responsibility for these attacks. authorities arrest a man trying to smuggle these weapons, all of these weapons into mexico. officials say the 21 year-old suspect tried to cross border in arizona when officers discovered a large speaker box in his truck. inside that truck an assortment of rifles, handgun and a variety of ammunition, the suspect, mexican nationalist being held by u.s. immigration officials. al demotto is apologizing for losing his patients before being kicked off a throughout. this is video of him leaving jet blue flight on monday. he got upset after some passengers refused a pilot's request to change seats, due to a weight distribution issue flight there fort lauderdale to new york left more than six hours late. avalanche west of denver forced closure of interstate 70 torch of the day yesterday, a truck ran into a they slide unveil, there were no injuries but crews cleared highway and
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blast away unstable snow. other cruz had to clear 14 o department of transportation says their team has been working around the clock shifts for almost two weeks. i bet. and in oregon snow started to fall touring last night's evening commute, get this at rate of one this much per hour , and several drivers abandoned their vehicles totally when they drifted snow , and nearby resident helped out, by turning them around to get them unstuck and wishing the change to another car. quite a mess out there. colorado, oregon. >> people make fun of me because i have supplies in my car. >> yes. >> i have a blanket. i keep snacks. >> that is what you should do. >> yes. >> you never know. >> that is what you are supposed to do you have kit any there too. >> in, i to not the. >> i have a little miniature shovel and i have got like a extra grid thing, snacks are most important thing. >> of course, they are. >> i was just thinking in my purse, my makeup bag has a
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nail file, all color lip shade , you have to be prepared for anything in life. >> you need to be prepared for lipstick emergency and snow emergency am i right. >> amen. >> that is right. >> so with that said to snow expected in our area. it is just too warm for. that we had icing out there throughout the overnight, and i to think at this point, we will be in the clear from the icing threat. but don't get overly confident , guys. it is still wet. meisha will talk about that. with that said the ninth, you know, contrast that comes with the fact that we had that icing and rain is that things are drying out. we will warm up. looking at january so far it has actually been colder then average by one and a half degrees. precipitation, this was interesting not much but we are technically below average, meanwhile, high temperature we hit was in the 50's. we will blow that out of the the water later this week. low temperature was at 12. we will hit that earlier this week. so we're going all over the lays with these values, storm
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scan at least starting to clear things out. we will see sunshine. that is steady, part of the rest of the take here but we will see more wet weather roll in here and that comes as early as evening and into late tonight, there the next disturbance lift nothing. it toss than the look i am rest i have. right you this just light snow across great lakes. wisconsin, minnesota, dakotas. but that will lift in later tonight. because it the is so warm here we will see strictly rain even in the mountains, out with that. so plus breaking, note through the rest of the daylight hours highs hit 50. much milder then yesterday. we will drop down to 42 tonight. showers build in. i say there could be steady pockets of rain as well but we will see strictly rain as i mentioned even up in the far thorn most counties. tomorrow is warm spot of the tore cast, 60 is obviously well above average for january standard, by close to 20 degrees. meanwhile we will see temperatures tropical right back off again this weekend. back to the 30's with even a chance of the mix of rain and they with the weak storm
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passing through, meisha. >> sixty in january, katie, we will be making california jealous, good, good. good morning everybody. we have a disable vehicle, flashing lights, beyond these trees, it is boulevard north bound at ninth street and it is in the center lane. this will slow you town a little bitten now even though it is still early, still dark outside and head up, our roadways are wet from the the rain we got overnight. head up on that. you can see here on the vine shot. vine was closed for construction west and eastbound and that has been since cleared. we are looking good. you can see traffic flows are looking good as well. if you are thinking of heading out there early, probably not a bad eye tea. the it will get busy because of the wet conditions out there. ninety-five south at girard. you can see a lot of headlights out there. your early neighbors jumping on the roadways, not a bad idea. it will be busy in the 6:00 o'clock hour moving in the rush hour today and this accident on route 55 north bound before route 40 has been since cleared. we have another one gulph mills westmontmont avenue at math the son ford road and that one is still out there,
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rahel and jim, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. new for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the intelligencers new details emerging about mother charge in the rape and murder of her teenage date your. four year-old grace packer was killed in july. the newspaper find that sarah packer was an adoption supervisor for northampton county children youth and family division. she was fired in 2010 following allegations of misconduct. burlington county times new jersey governor chris christie vow toss focus remainder of his final term in office offer on tackling new jersey's drug addiction crisis n his state of the state yesterday, christie laid out a plan to include limiting how much painkillers doctors can prescribe to patients and also , legislation requiring insurance companies to pay for at least six months of drug treatment. and from the reading eagle area hospitals are seeing increase in flu cases at they're mergecy departments and there's offices as the virus spreads. one day last week about 16 percent of reading hospital
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er department was filled with flu patients. berks county has confirmed 542 cases since early october. and that is a look at newspaper headlines there around the delaware valley. well, up next, pat's here with sports. >> good morning, everyone. >> yeah, just ahead sixers they are trying a new approach to help push joel embiid to th all-star game so we will try along with them. plus struggling flyers were looking for a win in buffalo. we will have the low lights next up in
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well, welcome back. thanks for waking up with us here on "eyewitness news". >> pat's here with sports and flyers were on the road this buffalo last night. >> this is a good night. they have not been playing very well. remember when flyers were hottest team in hockey and being called a stanley cup contend they are less than a month ago they were wrapping up a ten game winning streak and now they will just take a win. flyers visiting buffalo, dave hakstol and the boys, well, searching for answers no score in the second.
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flyers shorthanded, and stan reinhart not home, knocks home rebound. the one to nothing sabres. buffalo continuing the attack. steve mason with the save but juicy rebound for william carrier. two to nothing buffalo. final seconds, evander find another, big rebound in the middle and he does not miss. flyers get blown out on the road, four-one. that is nine losses in the last 11 games. after a loss to butler that dropped them out of the top spot in the nation villanova would love to work their way back there but in the end, it is all about being first at the end. jay and cats taking on xavier musketeers looking for a 16- one start first half cats up three, that is jaylen brown son with the and one, they led by six at the break. second half brownson to chris jenkins to go what he does best, that is a three. nova up nine. jenkins dropped 20 on the night. late are j josh hart with the
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easy pass to a dunk. villanova wins 79-54. they play st. johns on saturday. st. joes taking on george mason. a little over two minutes left , in the game and hawks down by one, it is brendan kas bar strong to the basket. st. joes up by one. patriots respond, otis livingston with the hand in his face, he knocks down a three, george mason they are a winner 75-67. with so much skilled big man and so many minutes to go around brett brown has had the task of figuring out who plays and who toss than the. right now reshawn holmes and jahlil oak for are odd men out , sixers at practice yesterday big ja working hard at winning his term again. third pick in the 2015 draft has been a dnp over last two games but says he will be fine >> it is an unfortunate situation. i'm now the person who is
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sitting out. obviously it is in the where i want to be, i know i'm not that type of layer for dnp but that is what it is right now. coach brown has been a phenomenal communicator with me and i know in the long runny will be fine. >> so while gentleman league sits out joel embiid is making his case for nba all-star game to give the campaign a boost innings isers are offering shirley temples for five dollars during the game against knicks tonight. shirley temple's of course, joel embiid favorite drink. >> my little brot tear. >> there is no alcohol in it, a pol guys, jim's upset. >> we can have momosa at least >> fans can have a vote on line or on twitter using the # nba vote with joel embiid's name. cheers to the morning show. >> we should tweet that out. >> yes, it gets him in the all-star tame. >> thanks, patrick. coming up next on "eyewitness news" what a new study says about chain restaurants and your children.
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>> you will want to hear this before dining out. plus this... >> president obama says good bye to americans with a message of hope. i'm weijia jiang in chicago with his farewell speech coming up. more self trying cars un veiled at detroit auto show we will tell you when you can finally see them on the road, katie. we are getting closer to that upcoming weekend. even though it is warmed up substantially for now we are going to see a return back to, reality, and even colder then that, 30's at best on saturday and possibly a wintry mix of rain and snow, here in the city, just as chilly really come sun take but we might see a shower as well. that is not most ideal weather coming up but dose of reality
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really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell. we're in for a wednesday warm up, and won't that be a nice change after these days of bitterly cold temperatures. katie's here to tell us when we could see rain though and that unfortunately yeah, even some snow again. >> ugh. >> good morning. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a few minutes but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. authorities are trying to


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